Provincial Executives

Deputy Provincial Grand Master - W. Bro. David Powell
Provincial Grand Treasurer - W. Bro. John M Steward
Provincial Grand Registrar - John Barry Court
Provincial Grand Secretary - W. Bro. Philip E Sefton
Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies - W. Bro. Brendan Williams
Provincial Grand Almoner - W. Bro. Nigel LLoyd Angell J.P.
Provincial Grand Charity Steward - W. Bro. Norman Peter Davies

W. Bro. David Powell, Deputy Provincial Grand Master

David was initiated into the craft in Crystal Lodge 4562. in 1995. Occupying the chair in 2003. In 2007 he was awarded provincial honours with ProvAGDC. In 2008 he carried out and completed the grand lodge survey and audit of craft and chapter records on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master. In 2009 he became the first PrGMentor a role he held until 2013 when he was promoted PPrGReg. He also served as chair of the craft educational and training committee for for five years until 2013.

In the Royal Arch, David was exalted into the Crystal chapter 4562 in 1996 finally reaching the 1st principles chair in 2006. David was promoted PrGSoj in 2008. PPrGSwdBr in 2011. He was chair of the Royal Arch education and training committee from 2010 -2013. In 2014 he was promoted PPrGScN.

David was advanced in Cubestone Mark Lodge 731 in 2001, attaining the chair of that lodge in 2005. He joined and became secretary of Torfaen Mark Lodge in 2003. He was elevated into Keystone RAM lodge 109 in 2002 and joined and became scribe in Torfaen Ram lodge in 2004. David was promoted PrGStBr 2005-6 and 2006-7, PPrGReg 2008, PPrGJW and ProvGSec in 2009. In 2013 he was promoted to DPGM. David is also a member of several other masonic orders.

Born in Essex in April 1959 , educated at Jones aWest Mon Grammar School for Boys , Pontypool, David was a keen track and field athlete in his teens and represented the school , valley and county at Rugby Football.

David commenced nurse training in 1978. Qualifying initially as a Registered Mental Nurse in 1981. Further education and promotions followed which led to him becoming a nurse lecturer for fourteen years before returning to the clinical arena . David travelled extensively in his professional capacity , spending time as a visiting lecturing and EU observer in the Transcaucasus ,Armenia and Albania. After a varied and interesting career, David retired from full time work in April of 2014 in the position of matron of the child and adolescent mental health service of the local trust board.

David has many leisure interest. Reading, walking, history, music, he has been a semi professional guitarist for more than 30 years. He is an enthusiastic fly fisherman and of course , freemasonry. David combines his love of reading , history and freemasonry by compiling talks and lectures for lodges on topics of Masonic interest.

Married in 1982 to Sue , they have two daughters, Kath and Ruth and four grand children.

W. Bro. John M Steward, PPrGMO, Provincial Grand Treasurer

John Martin Steward was born on May 19th 1948 in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

He attended Ross Primary School and Ross Grammar School leaving at the age of 18 to join Lloyds Bank in Chepstow. After 7 years in South Wales and the West Country he moved to London and while there met and married his wife Christine in 1976 with whom he has two daughters. They now have two grandchildren.

The family moved to Cardiff in 1984 and ten years later John left the Bank to take up a Practice Manager’s post in Cardiff. In 1999 he moved to a larger practice in Church Village near Pontypridd and remained there until his retirement in 2013.

John was initiated into Freemasonry in the Shir Gar Lodge No 7339 in Cardiff on June 26th 1987 and was Master in 1994 and 1998, IPM in the chair in 1999 and Secretary from 2001 until the Lodge’s demise in 2005. He became a joining member of the Beehive Lodge No 6265 also in Cardiff in October 1988 becoming Master in 1992 and 2011 and Treasurer in 2013. He was the founder Junior Warden of the Lodge of Round Table in Cardiff in 1994, Master in 1996 and has been Treasurer since 2000. He was appointed Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1998, promoted to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2002 and to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden (South Wales) in 2013.

John was exalted into the Shir Gar Chapter No 7339 (now the Sure & Stedfast Chapter No 8991) in 1990 becoming MEZ in 2002 and has been Treasurer since 2006. He was a founder member of the Chapter of Round Table No 9549 in 1997 becoming MEZ in 2004 and joined the Hendre Chapter No 3250 in 2005 becoming Treasurer in 2014. He was appointed Provincial Grand Standard Bearer in 2005, promoted to Past Provincial Grand Sojourner in 2008 and to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2013. In Supreme Grand Chapter he was appointed Past Grand Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2014.

John was advanced into Mark Masonry in the Albert Edward Lodge No 1317 in Castleton in 1996 becoming Master in 2001 and has been Treasurer since 2007. In the Province he was appointed Grand Assistant Chaplain in 2003, Past Senior Grand Deacon in 2008, Grand Master Overseer in 2012 and Treasurer in 2014.

John was elevated into the Albert Edward RAM Lodge in 2012.

In Rose Croix John was perfected in the Universities Chapter 1012 in Penarth in 1994, became MWS in 2006 and promoted to 30º in 2009.

In the Red Cross of Constantine he was Installed in the Dewi Sant Conclave No 185 in 1998 and became MPS in 2008. He was appointed to the Divisional Sepulchre Guard in 1999 becoming Captain from 2004 until 2014. In the Division John was appointed Divisional Steward in 2006, Divisional Warden of Regalia from 2008 until 2014, Past Divisional Junior General in 2011 and Divisional Deputy Marshall in 2014.

John also holds membership in Knights Templar (Preceptor 2012), Holy Royal Arch Templar Priests, Royal Order of Scotland and the Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon.

Singing is John’s main hobby outside freemasonry where he is currently a member of the St Denys, Lisvane, Cardiff Church Choir and is the longest serving member of the Royal School of Church Music Cathedral singers for the Midlands and West (which area includes South Wales) which choir he joined in 1991.

John Barry Court, Provincial Grand Registrar

Born 1944 in Lydney, Gloucestershire, his parents having been evacuated from London in 1942, as part of the initial workforce of a shadow factory that was set up in Mitcheldean on the site of a redundant brewery, and which ultimately became a manufacturing site for Xerox equipment.

He is married to Mary, and has a surviving son and 2 granddaughters.

John and Mary live in Aylburton, just 1 mile from the hospital in which John was born.

John was educated in Gloucester. Employed at Xerox Mitcheldean in 1960 as a Metallurgical Apprentice, he subsequently worked in virtually every department in the plant - mainly in Production and Materials Management, but with forays into project management of systems implementation, and manufacturing system engineering, finally retiring in 2000 after 40 years.

Initiated in Striguil Lodge No. 2186 at Chepstow, Province of Monmouthshire on 30th December 1980 and was master of the Lodge in 1990 and 2004. Appointed Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works in 1997, and promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 2002 and to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 2011.

Exalted into Striguil Chapter No. 2186 in 1984 and installed as “Z” in 1994. Appointed Provincial 1st Assistant Grand Sojourner in 1996, Provincial Grand Scribe E from 2000 to 2010 when he became 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, and promoted to 2nd Provincial Grand Principal in 2011 - retiring from that office in 2014. In Supreme Grand Chapter appointed to Past Grand Standard Bearer in 2004 and promoted to Past A G Sojourner in 2013.

Advanced into Mark Masonry in Portwall Lodge, No 1436 at Chepstow in 2001 and Master in 2006 John is currently Lodge Secretary. Appointed Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2008 and promoted to Provincial Senior Grand Overseer in 2012. In 2013 he was appointed as Provincial Grand Registrar. Appointed to PAGDC in 2014.

Elevated in Royal Ark Mariners in Lady of the Lamp Lodge No 1709 at Chepstow in 2005 and Commander in 2007. Appointed to ProvRAMGR in 2011.

John was Perfected in Sabrina Chapter Rose Croix No. 863 at Newnham (Gloucestershire) in 1986, and Founding Recorder of St. Mary’s Priory Chapter, No 1010 at Chepstow in 1990 - Sovereign in 1994, DC from 1998 to 2006, and Treasurer since 2006. Elected to 30° in 1995 and to 31° in 2005.

A member of the Craft Education and Training Committee, and editor of sections of the Provincial Yearbook, John “manages” the provincial database, which covers every order meeting in Monmouthshire.

Outside masonry John is Coordinator for the West region of Xerox Pensioners Association, and is also a leading member of the “Open the Book” team which visits 2 local Primary Schools to present Bible stories. Any time left is taken up with maintaining his 1 ½ acre property, and assisting Mary who is a Churchwarden.

W. Bro. Philip E Sefton, PAGDC., Provincial Grand Secretary

Philip was born on the 2nd June 1953 in Newport, (Coronation Day)

He is married to Dianna and has a son, also called Philip

Philip and Dianna both born in Newport and have lived in the St.Julian’s area of Newport since 1983

Philip was educated at St. Joseph’s High School, Newport. He left school at the age of 16 years to take up an apprenticeship as a compositor with a local printing company. Attended Cardiff College of Printing, and after completing his apprenticeship Worked as a Works Manager for 2 locally based printers for over 36 years.

Philip was initiated into Freemasonry in the Casnewydd Lodge No. 6779 at Newport on 10th February 1993, and was master of this Lodge in 1999 and 2010, held offices as Assistant Secretary, Charity Steward and was Lodge Preceptor for 6 years. He was appointed as a Provincial Grand Standard Bearer in 2006 and promoted to Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works in 2011.

Exalted into Silurian Chapter No. 471 in 1999. Z in 2009 and 2013. Promoted to Provincial 2nd Assistant Grand Sojourner in 2011 and promoted to Provincial Grand Sojourner in 2014.

Joined the Mark Degree into the Wentloog Lodge No.1586 in 1994 at Castleton. And was Master in 2004, and Master in the Aslar Lodge No. 185 in 2012. Elavated into St. John’s RAM Lodge No. 214, Joined Portwall RAM Lodge in 2013 Commander in 2014 and has been promoted to Provincial Grand Deputy Chaplain in 2006, Provincial Junior Overseer in 2011, Provincial Deputy Secretary in 2013 and now Provincial Secretary in 2013.

Philip is also holds membership in the Royal & Select Masters.

W. Bro. Brendan Williams, PAGDC., Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Brendan was born, raised and educated in the old county of Brecknock and currently a businessman residing within the area.

Brendan was initiated into Freemasonry in St John's Lodge in Abergavenny in 1978 becoming :-
WM in the Craft in 1987.(St John's Lodge 818)
MEZ in Royal Arch Chapter in1998.(St John's Chapter 818)
WM in the Mark in 1999.(St John's Mark Lodge 214)
WC in Ark Mariners in 2014.(Lady of the Lamp Lodge 1709)

He is currently :-
Past Prov JGW (craft)
Past Prov GSN (chapter)
PAGDC and Prov GDC (Mark)

Brendan is a committed Monmouthshire Mason who is also heavily involved in St John's LOI (for the last 30 years) and currently the Chairman of the Directors of St John's building Co.

W. Bro. Nigel Lloyd Angell J.P., Provincial Grand Almoner

Nigel was born on the 24 March 1952 in Pontllanfraith. Attended Pontllanfraith Junior School, Rhiw Sir Dafydd secondary modern school in Oakdale, leaving at the age of fifteen.

On leaving school he began an apprenticeship at Gibbs Bros in Pontllanfraith as a motor mechanic. While attending Crosskeys Technical College he completed a motor mechanics Technicians course.

In 1973 he joined what was then Tafechan Water Board based at Nelson, now known as Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. He remains working with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to date that’s over 41 years. He is due to retire August 2015.

Nigel became a magistrate in the year 2000.

He is married to Margaret, and has two daughters Kelly-Marie who lives in Weymouth, Danielle who lives in Cardiff. We lived as a family for 32 years in Nelson. Nigel and Margaret moved to Croespenmaen Oakdale in November 2013.

Nigel was initiated into the Islwyn Lodge No. 4725 in 1984 becoming Worshipful Master in 1994, after which he held the office of Charity Steward for 9 years. He now holds the rank of PprovGReg.

Nigel was exalted into Homfray Royal Arch Chapter No.1562 in 1996, becoming First Principle in 2007. At this time he holds the rank of PProvGReg, he has held the office as Provincial Grand Almoner in the Royal Arch Chapter from 2009 to date. Nigel joined Monmouthshire First Principals Chapter in 2014.

Nigel was advanced into the degree of Mark Masonry in September 1993 joining the St. Margaret’s Lodge of MMM No.1478. He became Worshipful Master for the first time in 1999 then again in 2003. He joined Torfaen Lodge No. 796 of MMM in January 2004 before taking the chair in December 2004. He has held the office of Treasurer from December 2005 to date. He is also a member of the Cynon Dare Lodge of MMM in the Province of South Wales, and member of the Monmouthshire Installed Mark Masters Lodge No. 4725. Nigel joined the Utrique Fidelis Lodge of Mark Grand Officers in 2011, he has held the office as assistant secretary from 2012 to date.

Provincial Honors were bestowed upon him firstly in 2001, when he became Provincial Grand Sword Bearer; he was further promoted to Provincial Grand Master Overseer in 2008. He became the Provincial Grand Almoner in 2009, a position he currently holds. In 2011, Nigel was promoted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master, to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

In January 2007, Nigel was elevated into the Dyffryn Lodge No. 604 of Royal Ark Mariners becoming Worshipful Commander in 2005 and received promotion to the position of Holder of Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in November 2009.

Monmouthshire Installed Commanders Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 1447, Nigel joined in 2006, taking the office as scribe from 2008 until 2014. He now holds the office as assistant scribe.

Coed Duon Chapter Rose Croix Nigel joined in 2003 attained the chair as Most Wise Sovereign in 2008, receiving his 30° in May 2010.

Red Cross of Constantine Nigel joined the Gwent Conclave No. 23 in 2005 taking the office as Recorder in November 2006 until November 2014. He was promoted to South Wales and Monmouthshire Divisional assistant Recorder in 2009 then promoted to South Wales and Monmouthshire Divisional Recorder in 2013, a position he currently holds.

He is also a member of the Dyfrig Sant Conclave No. 295 which meets in Merthyr Tydfil the office he holds at present is Viceroy. He will be Most Puissant Sovereign in June 2015.

Gwent Preceptory Knights Templar Nigel joined Gwent Preceptory in 2009 currently holding the office as StdB(B)

Royal and Select Masters Nigel Joined the Mynwy Council No. 196 in 2011 he now holds the office as Manciple.

Secret Monitor Nigel is a Founder member of the St. Johns Conclave No. 594 holding the office as steward.

W. Bro. Norman Peter Davies, Provincial Grand Charity Steward

Norman Peter Davies was born on the 14th May 1944 in Rhymney. After attending local primary schools, he attended Thomas Richards Mining & Technical Institute at Tredegar.

On leaving school he served a building apprenticeship.

In 1969 he joined the Gwent Constabulary. Whilst serving as a beat officer he began a Crime Prevention initiative called the Police and Community Projects Scheme. The scheme which was made up of local councillors and magistrates organised football competitions for school children during the summer holidays and various concerts which raised considerable sums of money for local charities. Following unit beat duties he transferred to plain clothes departments serving in various offices which included the security and planning of the Garden Festival held at Ebbw Vale in 1992 and the New Severn Bridge and finally completing his service as a member the Domestic Violence Department. He retired in 1998. During his service he received Crown Court and Chief Constable Commendations.

Norman is married to Babs and has three children.

He began his Masonic career in 1983, joining the St George’s Lodge No 1098 becoming Worshipful Master in 2004. He is a member of the Glyn Ebbw Lodge No 2556. The Charles Lyne Past Masters Lodge No2964 and the Blue Lamp Lodge No 9840. He was Worshipful Master of the Brecknock Lodge No 651 in 2010 and the St Catherine’s Lodge No 9503 in Pontypridd in 2011. Both these Lodges are in the South Wales Province. He is a PProvJGD.

In 1985 he joined the Ashlar Mark Lodge in Tredegar becoming Worshipful Master in 1992. He is a member of several Mark lodges in Monmouthshire and South Wales. He has served as Master and Secretary of two Mark Lodges during his career. He holds PRAMGR in the Royal Ark Mariners degree.

He is a PProvAsstGSE of the Royal Arch Chapter in Monmouthshire and South Wales having been MEZ in 2009.

He is also a correspondence member of the Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge No 2076

Outside of masonry his main interests are travelling, reading, music and watching sport.


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